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That’s me with yogurt and aspirin on my face thinking it will stop new wrinkles. I’m not really sure if it does, because if it does, I have nothing to compare it to. Because who knows what the new wrinkles would have looked like exactly? Soft and barely noticeable? Deep and gnarly? Maybe it worked on the deep and gnarly ones, and I would have looked 93 years old had I not put yogurt and aspirin on my face. We will never know.

Anyway. I’m not really sure what this blog is, and you will also not be sure, because it’s all over the place and VERY confusing. But not to worry! It will supply rip-roaring entertainment for all ages (except those between the ages of 2 and 57, and those aged 31 or 19). You’ll roll with laughter (or hold your hand over your mouth for regurgitation-control) at the antics of Kat: Mistress of the Cardboard Kitty, and her clan of misfits, including (but not limited to) a man, some boys, a bunch of cats, loads of fish, bazillions of fleas, some crazy-ass friends, a ghost, and a few skeletons in the closet (to be revealed at a later date and time)!

But, srsly? There will be random crafts, recipes, and bullshit stories. And it won’t be in any discernible order. Because that’s how I roll. I think I’m ADD, without an H, because I’m not hyper. I have a man and two boys, and I’m the only damn neurotypical in the house (everyone else has Asperger’s – even the cats – and are super smart and kind of funny, but half the time I DO NOT UNDERSTAND them).

So WELCOME to the New Adventures of the Cardboard Kittyyyyy (hear that in your head with a superhero comic narrator voice)!