NaBloPoMo Blogging Prompts for the Off-Kilter

November 1

lists of writing prompts don’t “get you” because you’re weirder than most. The usual suggestions don’t suit your style because most of the time you’re writing about things like roadkill, circus strongmen, or that time you nearly drowned in a vat of soy sauce. Write your own list of writing prompts.

November 2

Are aliens real? Have you ever had a close encounter? Been abducted?

November 3

Write about the most embarrassing thing you’ve been caught doing.

November 4

Give your pets their own stripper names and explain why each name fits.

November 5

Is your house haunted?

November 6

Nobody ever writes about doorknobs. Tell the world your favorite doorknob tale.

November 7

Write a song “Weird Al” style.

November 8

Write about something you hoard. Is your hoard useful or useless? WHY DO YOU NEED SO MANY?

November 9

Write about the personality trait – your own or someone else’s – that would send you to prison.

November 10

Describe, in detail, what the next season of American Horror Story should be about.

November 11

Invent a superhero.

November 12

Invent a politician and a new political party. Is the politician you? What do you promise?

November 13

What game do you waste the most time on? Do you abandon your children for it? Tell the world how Candy Crush has ruined your relationships.

November 14

Describe your most annoying Pavlovian response.

November 15

Describe your beauty routine in the most embarrassing way possible.

November 16

What’s so funny?

November 17

Invent a new body part. Imagine you ARE that body part. What purpose do you serve?

November 18

If you were a ghost, who would you haunt? Why?

November 19

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. We all know that’s a load of crap. What did you do? Make it up if you have to.

November 20

Bucket list. ‘Nuff said.

November 21

Write about a time you were suckered in by an infomercial. What did you buy? How did it perform?

November 22

What celebrities have you had encounters with? Name-drop like crazy and make yourself sound like a total douche. Discuss why this is douchery.

November 23

What ridiculously expensive things are on your Christmas list? Why are you so greedy?

November 24

What super-annoying things do your neighbors do?

November 25

What lies did your parents tell you?

November 26

Write about your grossest kiss ever. Were his lips chapped? Did he/she have stank breath? Goopy lips? Did you marry him/her?

November 27

Everyone has dated a sociopath. Tell the world about yours.

November 28

Which insects are the biggest assholes? NOTE: spiders are not insects.

November 29

You’ve adopted a new political party. Explain why the followers of your previous party are complete morons.

November 30

Share your theory about why there are so few animals on The Walking Dead. Why are there so many walkers?

BONUS: List ten of the strangest blogs and what you love about them. Share them in the comments if you wish.

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