Author: oKatniss

Please quit using the short bus as an insult.

Before we start : Did you come here looking for a Skoolie (school bus conversion) blog? If so, please visit The Tiki Varoom: A Potentially Enchanted Skoolie Undertaking and see The Tiki Varoom on Instagram! Now please proceed. This is important. And, by the way, the terminology in Skoolie communities for short buses is “shorties”. I could …

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My Husband’s Hand Turned Into a Vagina.

I have disturbing photographic proof. I was practicing some wound makeup on him for a course I’m creating about realistic casualty makeup. I digress from the “realistic” part in this photo, because I was experimenting with materials and didn’t do the tendon correctly. It still looks gross and hurty, but not realistic. Here it is… …

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