Putz Houses

Ever since I discovered the mid-century putz houses – or glitter houses – on Retro Renovation, I’ve been slightly obsessed with the sparkly little things. I made several from Kate’s website (and you should too, because it’s incredibly satisfying)…

IMG_2611 IMG_2616 IMG_2618 IMG_2619 IMG_2621 IMG_2626

… and then I decided to try making my own patterns!


It was really difficult at first. I’ve been using “ghost line” poster board to get my measurements and calculations to work, and I think it’s going really well… and it’s getting easier with practice! I’ll be offering free downloadable patterns soon, hopefully within a couple of days. Only three so far are mid-century, which is my favorite era in architecture, but I like to branch out. I’ll also be offering haunted places, tiny replicas of reportedly haunted structures (and I choose to believe the reports, because I’ve been to a couple of these places) , and perhaps some early 1900’s type houses.

If you make Kate’s houses, please share with her! If you make mine, likewise, share your creations with me! Sharing is caring, right?

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