Halloween fail and terrorizing Daenerys.


I’ve been sort of intrigued with Circus Punk lately, and wanted to be something freak-showy for Halloween, so started to make a strong man costume and totally failed. I wanted that old-timey Muscle Beach look with the black boots and shorts, the red striped tank top, 1000 lb. barbells, handlebar mustache, bangs parted down the center. Kind of like this…


… but with fewer nipples and less chest hair. (And, no, I don’t know this Etsy seller, but her stuff is cute and I’d totally buy it.)

I went thrift shopping looking for something – anything – with red stripes that I could turn into a costume. Four thrift stores later, nada. I guess there are closets out there full of red and white stripes, because obviously no one is donating those to charity. So I decided to make my own. I cut a white t-shirt into a tank top, masked off some stripes (well, actually I made Vin do that part), and sprayed it with red fabric paint. It looked good. Until I put it on…


I looked like a dime store pirate and scrapped the idea because it looked stupid. I ended up speed-sewing a skunk costume instead, but you don’t get a picture of that because the tail makes my ass look huge (blame the tail, Kat).

Something good DID happen because of this costume fail, however. The huge wad of used masking tape led to cat terrorism. This is Daenerys Stormborn: Kitten of Dragons, with tape.

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