Amusement: Chapter 1, Part 2

First you want to read this… I’ve decided to tell you a story. And this… Amusement: Chapter 1, Part 1

Here’s Part 2 of Chapter 1

Anyhow, as I said, all hell breaks loose. Some people, no matter how courteously you treat them, are out for blood, or at least out to spread their own misery far and wide.

There was this one extremely busy summer night, the air heavy with humidity, mosquitoes biting everything between ankles and eyelids, and guests were weary. Most of them were too limp and wilted to even speak to us, their eyes glazed over, wet tendrils of hair sticking to their foreheads. But this one guy was simply steaming. Four kids, an exhausted wife pushing a double-length stroller piled with bags and small people; two in the stroller seats, one straddling atop of the sun shade as if riding a horse, one riding on her back in a baby carrier. This guy wasn’t assisting her at all, total asswipe. And he didn’t even give us a chance. After five minutes of waiting in a line from hell he wasn’t having any of this bag-screening crap, at least not without a fight. His face was as beet red as his sticky silk shirt by the time they reached Nina, the screener at the table next to mine.

The man’s thin lips twisted into a scowl as he yanked the first stuffed backpack out of the sunshade-straddler’s little arms, and I swear his lips were turning purple from being pressed so hard against his teeth. That fucker hurled the backpack right at Nina’s face, but luckily it missed and instead slammed her in the chest, knocking her back a few inches. Visibly shaken, but trying to give the guy the benefit of the doubt – maybe the bag slipped from his grip and went flying – she asked him to open the zippers for her to inspect the contents.

“You want to see what’s in my stuff, you open the fucking bag,” he snarled.

“Sir, I’m just trying to do my job,” said Nina, forcing a fake smile.

And then the guy started ripping bags from his children’s laps, throwing them everywhere! He threw them at Nina, at me, at other guests, and we all stopped what we were doing and stepped back a few feet, totally silent, mouths agape. Nina was shaking, and I immediately got on the two-way and radioed for security.

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